McDonald’s in Prague

Inside the McDonald’s in Prague, very chic and modern design.

Can you believe this is McDonald’s?  It looks like a fancy chic cafe.  I wasn’t going to go dine in but when I saw the place, I just immediately liked the ambiance.  Also, it was quite convenient from my hotel, so I ended up having my breakfast here.  The cake above is only $1  and the server added a cute chocolate flower design.  Have you tried McDonald’s in different countries too?  Please share your story.

Location: This McDonald’s is located in the Wenceslas Square.




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2 Responses to McDonald’s in Prague

  1. Christine says:

    oh wow, the interior looks amazing! i wish our McDonald’s here is like that :)

    • Jam icoSnap says:

      I was totally amaze with the ‘trendy’ look of this mccafe I had to take a photo. Maybe, eventually some of the mcdonalds will have a more modern design.

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