Oktoberfest 2012: Inside the LowenBrau Tent – second day

The Löwenbräu Tent in Oktoberfest (Löwenbräu means Lion’s Brew) located in Theresienwiese Munich

After the rain from the previous day, the sun finally shined a bit – but we decided to go to one of the tents, Lowenbrau.  A friend of ours, visited this tent from last year and he said it’s less rowdy than the other tents.  Also, what makes it even better is that they have a band that plays German traditional songs and American music (West Virginia, Sweet Caroline, In the Jungle, We are young, etc.) throughout the day until the night.  When I entered the tent, it was like I was in a different world – the theme was Yellow and green with bell chandeliers.  We stayed there from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Tip:  If you want to get into the tents, make sure you get there before 9 a.m.  so you can avoid the lines – and once the tent is full they don’t allow any more guests inside. Or you can do a reservation in advance which usually gets sold out pretty fast.

What kind of food do they serve?  They have roasted chicken, bratwust with saurkraut, goulasch soup, pork knuckle, and also snacks like pretzels, pastries, etc.  As for the beer,since it was Lowenbrau tent – they served Lowenbrau beer.

Inside the Lowenbrau tent. Located in the middle is the band section.

Photo from the main hall looking over the ceiling decors.

Band getting ready for another song performance

Published 12 October, 2012

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