Pincho photos from Barcelona

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At a restaurant serving Pinchos

At a restaurant serving Pinchos

So, what is a pincho?  A pincho is a snack traditionally from the northern part of Spain similar to tapas.  What makes the pincho special is that it has a cocktail stick attached to the food, pincho literally means ‘spike’ in Spanish.  While I was in Barcelona, I went Bilbao Berria for their pinchos and it cost about 1.60 euros each.

Mini Paella and egg with bread

Mini Paella and egg with bread

PinchoHow I wish that every restaurant will serve their food in small portions similar to pinchos/tapas so I can get a chance to taste different entries.  I like being able to try out small portions of food and just get more if I like it.

So, when you get a chance to visit Barcelona, you definitely have to try out their pinchos.

Published 7 August, 2013

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