Places to visit in Brussels Belgium – Mini Europe

Above: A miniature version of the Brussels Grand Platz during their flower carpet festival.

Above: Chibi is standing in front of the middle door (can you spot her?)  And behind the castle is the Atomium.

Above: The popular London Clock Tower (Big Ben).

Above: Do you see the two blue switch buttons in the middle of the photo above the concrete description?  When you push these buttons they create either movements in the castle or play songs too.

Left: Atomium photo next to the Mini Europe  Right: Me behind the mini Paris Triumphal arch

More info with Mini Europe:

  • Website:
  • Price to enter: 13.80 for adults/teens
  • Address: Bruparck B-1020 Brussel, Belgium
  • About 10 minute drive from the Grand Platz
  • Parking is 5 euros
  • There is also a special exhibit after the Mini Europe park.  Also, there are good restaurants around it too. 
Published 5 September, 2012

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