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Do you remember the time when you we’re a little playing dress up? Well, now you can re-create that time here in the Princess Diary cafe. This time, you get to wear cute wedding/princess dresses. This cafe is located two blocks away from Ewha Womans University station in Seoul (please see end of post for directions). It has a very romantic yet cute decoration where you can take photos and enjoy time with your friends. This place is best enjoyed with a group of friends (girls or boys so you can take each others photo). When I visited last January 2013, there was a basic fee of 6,000 Won per person – which includes a drink, the dress rental is separate and it runs from 10,000 won – 45,000 won (about $10 – $45 USD).

At the entrance door getting into the cafe

The Princess Diary Cafe Menu and information about their dresses.

The day that I went was a Saturday, so the cafe was a bit crowded and I had to wait about 30 minutes. It was a fun wait though, I got to see other girls enjoy their dresses and take photos with their friends. And when it was my turn, the staff assisted me in the closet to select a dress. Afterwards, she helped me in the fitting room to put on the dress, I wasn’t quite sure what the size was but I knew it was a bigger size but they had pins and other things to quickly fit the dress for you. They also have heels available so you can wear it with the dress. Then, I had 30 – 60 minutes to do some photo shoots with the dress. The cafe also has some fun accessories you can use to create a theme for your photo like – bunny ears, pirate hat, etc.

Cute cottage booth

An actual working piano with Polaroid photos

How to get to Princess Diary Cafe:

1. Take the Green Line 2, Stop at Ewha Womans University and take exit #3

2. As soon as you are out of the station, walk towards the shopping town going to the traffic light (keep right). You’re going to be seeing a Starbucks after a while, but do not go pass the Starbucks since the turn will be before that.

3. After two blocks, turn right. At the corner of the second block is a black building with a shop ‘Juno Hair’. The cafe will be on your right about 30 feet away (very close not sure of the exact measurement).

Published 4 February, 2013

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