Rhineland Mainz Market – a weekend fun activity

Farmers Market in Mainz

Last Saturday, I went to the Mainz Farmers Market.  There were tons of fresh produce – fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, etc.  I bought some eggs, bread, cheese and strawberries.  It was definitely a good day to spend shopping at the market.

A cute decoration at one of the stands for their pastas

Other cute decorations at the pasta stand

Baskets with pumpkin and autumn decorations


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Published 17 October, 2012

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One thought on “Rhineland Mainz Market – a weekend fun activity

  1. Hogga

    I’m not going to lie.. I thought those pasta bag people were just balls or string or something… I think I’d like it if they were string because I’d feel bad using the pasta… or maybe I wouldn’t… hmm… THIS IS TOUGH! lol


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