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icoSnap is a kawaii cute blog documenting Jam’s travels.  This blog will also feature her dolls photographs that were taken from around the world.

What does  ‘kawaii cute travel blog’ means?  Kawaii means ‘cute’ in Japanese and it is used in a bunch of context relating to Japanese culture.  Our author loves the Kawaii Japanese culture and would like to incorporate it onto her travel lifestyle by taking cute photos of places, events, shops and food.

About the author:

The main author of this site is Jam.  She has been obsessed with kawaii culture ever since she was little girl.  Growing up as a Hello Kitty fanatic, and learning about Japanese/Korean street fashion during her high school years made her more interested in the kawaii culture.  Aside from that, her other obsession is traveling.  Her favorite part about traveling is taking photos of things that are cute.


She was born in the Philippines, grew up in the United States and now living in Germany.

Random info:  Modeled for h.NAOTO and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Runways




The Dolls:


Thank you for visiting icoSnap!  We look forward seeing you more here!