Sanrio in Bratislava

Sanrio Bratislava Slovakia

A trip to Bratislava is not complete without checking any cute stores to visit.  While I was in Vienna, I was looking for Hello Kitty stores around the area, and there were two in Vienna and the other one was in Bratislava (Slovakia).  And since it was only 1 hour drive away, it was worth the checking out the cute store and see the city of Bratislava.

The Sanrio Surprise store is located at the Aupark mall about 10 minutes drive away from the city center.  When I arrived at the mall, I looked at the directory to see where I can find the store, and it was located at the ground floor.  I asked the staff if I can take photos inside the store, and he said it was OK.  The Sanrio Bratislava has a cute wall art at the back with the iconic Hello Kitty and bows all around.  The side walls have pink and white shelves for the cute merchandise and a center table for the apparels.

Sanrio Bratislava Slovakia

Sanrio Bratislava Slovakia

If you ever get a chance to visit Bratislava, don’t forget to check out this Sanrio store as well.

More info:

– Website:  Sanrio Aupark

– Hours:  Monday – Friday 10:00 – 21:00, Saturday – Sunday 9:00 – 21:00

– Location:  Aupark Einsteinova 18 851 01 Bratislava-Petrzakla, Slovakia

Published 16 June, 2014

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