Sight Sintra Review

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Sight Sintra small electric cars

While in Portugal one of the other towns I visited was Sintra. This town has a very romantic architecture and very cool landscape, it is a great place for hiking and checking out castles too. From what I have read online you can either take the bus, tour cars, or private car to see the palaces and castles, but I settled for the Sight Sintra electric car. I saw this rental place just outside the train station and I thought this is a really great idea instead of renting a private car or taking the bus – I can see the castles and palaces at my own leisure.

These are small electric cars (reminds me of a golf cart but with more power) that have navigation system that guides you through around Sintra. It costs about 45 Euros for about 2.5 hours and it sounds quite pricey but if you think about the bus transfers and the hike (I know I was quite lazy too), I think it was definitely worth it.

Parking the small electric car on the side of the street

Palacio de Setais garden

Palacio de Setais Arc

Backview of the small electric car

At the Pena Palace entrance

The Moorish Castle – a view from the top

The SightSintra Electric cars parking

What’s also cool is that on the tourist attractions like the Castles and Palaces Sight Sintra have designated spots for their parking.

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Published 18 March, 2013

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