Souvenirs from around the world: Bear keychain from Monte Carlo, Monaco

Bear Keychain from Monte Carlo, Monaco

During my trip to Monte Carlo, I was looking for a memorable souvenir to purchase and display on my shelf.  However, I coudn’t find something that I found particularly cute until I saw this bear keychain.  The store where I got this from was right across the famous Monte Carlo Casino.

I don’t know much about Monaco’s history, but I do know that the Grand Prix is held yearly in this country.  It is a Formula One motor race that takes place at the Circuit de Monaco.  The first race started on April 1929, and it’s been held for about 72 times now.

The bear keychain has a red felt jumpsuit with cap with print on the back ‘MONACO 1 GRAND-PRIX’.

Have you ever visited Monaco?  Share us your story.

Published 12 August, 2014

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