Souvenirs from around the world: Matryoshka doll from St. Petersburg, Russia

Matryoshka doll

Whenever I travel especially when I visit a new city, I try to buy a small souvenir.  At the moment, I don’t have a specific type of souvenir that I collect.  However, I do like cute 3D type souvenirs since I place them on my display cabinet.

I would like to introduce my favorite souvenir from St. Petersburg, Russia, the Matryoshka dolls.  They are also known as Russian nesting doll, each of them (other than the smallest one) can be opened in half.  And you nest the smaller size inside the next bigger size, and eventually you only have one left with all the dolls inside.

I got these dolls from one of the souvenir shops in St. Petersburg for about 60 USD, they are quite pricey since the artwork on these dolls are very intricate and detailed.  I could have gotten a cheaper one for 10 USD but I wanted a much more beautiful and exclusive souvenir.  It is actually on my bucket list as well to get one of these since I was a little girl, and finally I got one!

Do you collect souvenirs as well?  Let us know.

Published 23 October, 2013

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2 thoughts on “Souvenirs from around the world: Matryoshka doll from St. Petersburg, Russia

  1. Shirley

    I like these dolls. There’s this anime my nephew watches which the characters are like these dolls. I also try to buy souvenirs from places I go to, but mostly the budget can’t make it.

    1. Jam icoSnap Post author

      Hi Shirley! I didn’t know there was a matryoshka doll anime, that sounds cool! I try to stay around the $5 budget for souvenirs but these were special. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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