Souvenirs from around the world: Miniature red Eiffel Tower from Paris, France

Miniature red Eiffel Tower Paris France

On November 2009, I visited the lovely city of Paris.  It was the first time I ever visited the country of France as well the city. Paris has amazing architectures as well as beautiful boutique shops.  My favorite French fashion brand is Louis Vuitton.  I would say that Paris is definitely the fashion capital of the world. The second time I visited was in July 2012 for the Japanese Expo.  However, I didn’t visit the Eiffel tower during my second visit.

I got this cute miniature Eiffel Tower at the bottom of the actual Eiffel Tower.  It is a small key-chain about 2″ inches.  I purchased it for 2 Euros from one of the street vendors.  It reminds me of the grand Eiffel Tower whenever I look at it.

Have you ever been to Paris?

Published 18 December, 2013

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2 thoughts on “Souvenirs from around the world: Miniature red Eiffel Tower from Paris, France

  1. Michelle (@thetravelholic)

    I was in Paris 2 years ago. I love impressionist art, so my days were filled with art museums haha. Everyone gets those eiffel tower keychains after visiting Paris! I have a bronze one, and brought back a bunch of bronze and silver ones for friends….but I’ve never seen a red one! looks cool!

    1. Jam icoSnap Post author

      The only museum I visited in Paris was the louvre. However, I do want to see the other art museums too. My favorite is modern art (fun and unique pieces). Who’s your favorite artist? Thanks for visiting:)


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