Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka Tokyo Japan

Studio Ghibli Museum

A while back, I visited the Studio Ghibli museum in Mitaka Tokyo with two of my Japanese friends from college.  This place is actually a part of my to-go list during my stay in Japan, I have been a Studio Ghibli fan ever since the movie My neighbor Totoro.  What I love most about the Studio Ghibli are the story lines – they have so much meaning and emotions.

While its not allowed to take photos inside the museum, the outside has so many adorable scenes that you can photograph.

Inside the studio were different rooms with themes – A boy’s room (where a film is born), The cat bus, Saturn theater, cafes and more.  I was fortunate that my Japanese friends were with me to translate a lot of the written things around.  It is quite fun to go by yourself regardless if you don’t understand Japanese.

There are 2 neko buses inside the museum – one for kids and the other one is for everyone.  The big neko bus is fun to just relax and hang out.

My Studio Ghibli Ticket – its a film with clips from their animations.

The bird-cage looking thing is actually a stairs going up the rooftop of the museum.

Castle in the Sky Robot

One of the displays at the rooftop – from their animations

Behind the tree is the Studio Ghibli Cafe, I didn’t get a chance to go there though.

Things I bought from the museum – 2 totoro charms, postcards and a totoro hand towel.


How do I get to Studio Ghibli?

JR train – its about 20 minutes from Shinjuku station  at the West end of the Chuo line.  The stop is called Mitaka it can be accessed from either Orange, Yellow and Gray line.

How much is it?

It cost 1000 Yen (about $12 USD) for adults

What are the hours of operation?

From 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and closed every Tuesday

Can I buy the tickets at the museum?

No, you have to buy them in advance at a LAWSON convenient stores.  LAWSON stores are located all around Tokyo (info:

To purchase in English:

Or you can buy at your country’s designated local travel agency:

Can I take photos inside?

Unfortunately, its not allowed to take photos inside the studio

How far is it from the JR Mitaka stop?

It’s about a 10-15 minute walk along the Tamagawa Josui waterworks (take the Mitaka South Exit).

You can also take the bus to the Studio its about 200 Yen one way and 300 Yen for round trip (schedule)

What is their website for more information?

What did you like best about the museum?

My favorite part was the short animated feature that they showed at the Saturn Theater.

Published 27 October, 2012

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