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Comics Cafe in Brussels

Comics Cafe Brussels

Comics cafe, a cafe-restaurant located in the historical center of Brussels at the Place du Grand Sablon.  This cafe has a comics-theme which features original sketches, paintings, figurines and lithographs of comics from around the world.  The food in this restaurant includes burgers, pastas, salads, pastries and Belgian cuisines.  Also, the restaurant is divided into ...

The Smurf Store in Brussels

Smurf Store Brussels

In the city center of Brussels, there's a little blue shop called the Smurf Store.  You heard it right, its the Smurf Store.  The only and exclusive Smurf store in the world.  This shop sells Smurf items - clothing, plush dolls, figurines, toys, and many more.  It is located next to the Moof Museum (Galeria ...

10 Interesting Facts About Brussels

Interesting Facts About Brussels

10 Interesting Facts About Brussels 1.   Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. 2.   Galeries St. Hubert is Europe's oldest shopping arcade that has been opened since 1847. 3.   Brussels has an area of 62.2 Square miles. 4.   Brussels is also known as the 'Heart of Europe' since its the capital of the European Union and headquarters of NATO. 5.   ...

La Boutique Tintin

La Boutique Tintin

La Boutique Tintin is a store near the Grand Place in Brussels where they sell Tintin merchandises - figurines, clothing, accessories and many others.  If you haven't heard of Tintin - its a series of comics that was created by a Belgian cartoonist under the pen name Herge.  The story is about a young journalist ...

Comic walk tour around the city of Brussels

Comic Walk Brussels

If you love reading comics such as Tintin, Smurfs, Spirou and many others, you should definitely consider visiting Brussels.  There's a Brussels and Comic Strip walk that's available online (via visitbrussels.be) where you can visit different comic themed places - shops, museums, wall art, and cafe. Since I had one day to check out these places, ...

Discover the fascinating city of Ghent, Belgium

Guide Ghent Belgium

The city of Ghent is located in the Flemish region of Belgium.  It is considered by many as 'the best kept secret of Europe'.  The architectural structures of this city makes you feel like you're in the medieval times.  It's truly historic atmosphere and picturesque city, Ghent has an appeal that makes you want to ...

Museum of Original Figurines MOOF in Brussels Belgium

MOOF Museum in Brussels Belgium

Museum of Original Figurines (MOOF) is a modern museum about figurines and comics.  A great place to visit in Brussels especially if you adore the Smurfs and Tintin. Full article available: http://icosnap.com/moof-museum-brussels/ Address: Galerie Horta (Gare Centrale) Rue Marche-aux-Herbes 116, B-1000 Bruxelles Website: http://moofmuseum.be/

Top Four Fun things to do in Bruges Belgium

Bruges is located in the northwest of Belgium and is considered 'Venice of the North' because of its canal-based city. This city is a prominent World Heritage site of UNESCO. Bruges still has most of its medieval architecture and holds famous buildings including - Basilica of the Holy Blood, St. Salvator's Cathedral, City Hall and ...