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Top Four Fun things to do in Bruges Belgium

Bruges is located in the northwest of Belgium and is considered 'Venice of the North' because of its canal-based city. This city is a prominent World Heritage site of UNESCO. Bruges still has most of its medieval architecture and holds famous buildings including - Basilica of the Holy Blood, St. Salvator's Cathedral, City Hall and ...

Window displays at Brugges Markt

Brugges has some really cute displays all over the town, especially their tapestry designs.  Also, the Christmas holiday themes are coming out, I'm quite excited to see new designs for this year.  

The Beautiful Brugges

We visited Brugges earlier this month after we went to Brussels.  Brugge was a city that was very new to me, I have not even heard about it until a friend of ours said that they visited it and said that it was a very beautiful city.  So, we decided to go there and stay ...