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Cute shops to visit in Dublin

Cute shops in Dublin

Dublin, capital and largest city of Ireland.  This city is also known as a prime location for shopping in Ireland (most especially at the city center).  The two famous shopping streets are Grafton Street and Henry Street.    Grafton street was considered one of the most expensive shopping street in the world (2008).  Henry street ...

Queen of Tarts – a cafe and patisserie in Dublin

Queen of Tarts Dublin

In the heart of Dublin city, there's a quaint little cafe called 'Queen of Tarts'.  According to their website, the shop first opened in 1998 after the Fallon sisters came back from New York, where they trained as pastry chefs.  They wanted to create a homely cafe which serves breakfast, lunch and sweets. When you enter ...

10 Interesting Facts About Dublin

10 Facts about Dublin

10 INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT DUBLIN, IRELAND 1.  The word Dublin derived from Dubhlinn, an Irish name meaning 'Black Pool'. 2.  Street signs are posted in both English and Gaelic (an indigenous Irish Language). 3.  The relics of Saint Valentines (patron saint of love) can be found at the Whitefriar street Carmelite church. 4.  The Book of Kells, one of ...