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Terracotta Warriors in the Hague

Entrance in the Terracotta Warrior Exhibition

The New Babylon venue in the Hague started their exhibit of the Terracotta Warriors on March 22, 2013.  So, what are the Terracotta Warriors?  The Terracotta Warriors (or army) are sculptures depicting the armies of the first ever emperor of China.  These collection have been buried since 210 BC and they were created to serve ...

Hello Kitty chan in the Hague

Hello Kitty in the Hague

A quick photo of Hello Kitty in the Hague while walking around the town.  The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands (next to Amsterdam and Rotterdam).  The background shows a canal and Hello Kitty is standing on top of the bridge.  We didn't get a chance to spend a whole lot of ...

Hello Kitty High Tea Set

The Hello Kitty High Tea Set

A while back maybe earlier this year or so, I have read somewhere online that there was a Hello Kitty High Tea somewhere in the Hague, Netherlands.  And finally when I had the time to visit the Hague, the first place on my list was the Set Genki restaurant.  The Set Genki restaurant is a ...