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Hello Kitty World Istanbul Atasehir

Hello Kitty World Istanbul

Welcome to the Hello Kitty World in Atasehir, Istanbul!  This place is definitely one-of-a-kind Hello Kitty destination in the world.  It consist of three buildings - the two shop buildings and a cafe.  The two shop buildings have four levels and the cafe has only one level.  Outside there's a huge lawn with garden seating ...

5 Places to visit in Istanbul, Turkey

Places to visit in Istanbul

Istanbul, the only city in the world that is located in both Europe and Asia.  There are over 14 million people living in Istanbul which makes it the fifth largest city in the world.  This city has been on four empires - Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman.  When I visited Istanbul, I was impressed with ...

Hello Kitty World Suadiye Istanbul

Hello Kitty World Istanbul

Did you know that there are three Hello Kitty Worlds located in Turkey?  Two are in Istanbul (Suadiye and Atasehir) and the other one is in Ankara.  This post will be about the Hello Kitty World in Suadiye, Turkey.  The Hello Kitty World Suadiye is in a posh street where stores like Louis Vuitton, Vakko, ...