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Italy Travel Bucket List

Italy Travel Bucket List

Italy, one of the most traveled destination on earth. Throughout the entire country of Italy there's so much things to do, places to see and foods to try. Here's our favorite Italy Travel Bucket List. 20 Italy Travel Bucket List 1. Take a picture with the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 2. Tour the Colosseum in Rome, the largest ...

10 Awesome Photos of Venice

Venice Italy

Venice is a city in Italy located at the north eastern side.  The city has 117 islands linked by bridges.  When I visited Venice, I was amazed with its beauty - a city built on water.  Each alley has a different style with lots of character.  There were also so many bridges, every one of ...

5 Things to do in Verona

Things to do in Verona

Verona is a city located at the north eastern part of Italy.  It is also a main tourist destination because of its heritage, fairs and historical architectures.  During my visit, we went there during the summer and there were crowds but not as much as Florence.  I enjoyed eating the food, looking at the architectures, ...

10 Interesting Facts About Verona

Interesting Facts About Verona Italy

10 Interesting Facts About Verona 1.  Many sites of Verona have been a part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2000. 2.  There are over 265,000 people living in Verona. 3.  William Shakespeare plays' Romeo and Juliet, the Two Gentlemen of Verona, and The Taming of the Shrew were set in Verona. 4.  The Verona Arena has 25,000 seats ...

Today’s Photo: Greetings from Pisa, Italy!

Pisa Italy

Greetings from Pisa, Italy!  Pisa is a city in Tuscany where you can find the iconic leaning tower.  The height of the tower is about 56 meters and has a leaning angle of 5.5 degrees.  This tower was built around the 1100's and took about 296 years to finish.  Apparently no one really knows who ...

Greetings from Italy!

icoSnap dolls in Italy!

These past few weeks have been very busy, traveling all over the continent of Europe from Germany all the way to Italy.  And Here's a quick snap shot of the lovely dolls in Italy.  This photo was taken near the Stelvio pass in the eastern Alps.  Have a great weekend!