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Bellagio – the prettiest town in Lake Como

Bellagio Lake Como Italy

Could Bellagio be the prettiest town in all of Lake Como, Italy?  In my eyes, I would say yes.  However, as they say, beauty (or prettiness) is in the eyes of the beholder.  Bellagio has also been called the 'Pearl of the Lake'.  It is situated at the intersection of Lake Como where it divides ...

Food diary: Lake Como Italy

Food Lake Como Italy

Italy is definitely one of my most favorite places to go for good food.  Not only are the food delicious, they are also reasonably priced as well.  I have been to Italy three times already and I have never had a bad meal (yet).  I'm not sure what their secret is, but the food is ...

Things to do in Lake Como Italy

Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como or Lago di Como in Italian, is the third largest lake in Italy.  This lake is also considered as one of the most beautiful lake in Europe.  Another main reason why this lake is popular is that many famous celebrities live in area (George Clooney, Madonna, Versace, etc.). So, what are the things to ...