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Things to see in Puerta del Sol Madrid

Puerta del Sol means Gate of the Sun in Spanish.

Puerta del Sol is one of the most popular places to go in Madrid.  This area holds lots of shops, iconic statues, and under lies the Madrid metro station. So, what are the things to see in Puerta del Sol? 1.  Bear and the Madrono Tree - this is the most famous heraldic symbol of Madrid.  ...

El Rastro in Madrid Spain – Sunday Market

El Rastro de Madrid - Europe's largest flea market, pretty much lots of different things here are for sale - clothing, antiques, art, household goods and more.  My family and I went here during our visit to Madrid, and I enjoyed it very much since I like shopping (especially for bargains).  This is definitely a ...

Lovely macarons from Madrid

As you can tell, I am indeed in love with French macarons.  It must be the color that makes me want these sweets so much!

Madrid little things

Gift shop window display in Madrid!  The little dolls at the bottom are totally adorable.