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Ting – a cute shop in Norway

Ting Shop in Norway

Ting is a store in Norway that sells cute items for your kitchen, bed room, and it is also a gift shop.  They carry many brands and character items too (like Moomin and Sonny Angel).  SMA Ting and Ting are from the same company, their stores have a particular artsy and unique appeal. The first Ting ...

SMA Ting store in Oslo

SMA Ting Oslo

SMA Ting is a store in Norway that sells kids toys, decors, and gifts.  It may be a kids' store but it certainly has many cute things inside.  The shop carries character items like Moomin, Sonny Angel and many others.  It's hard to miss an SMA Ting store since the window displays are just too ...

5 Cool Places to Visit in Oslo

Places to visit in Oslo

Oslo the capital city of Norway, a city ranked number one in terms of quality of life.  And second most expensive city in the world (after Tokyo).  At the moment, there are about 630,000+ people living in Oslo. I went to visit Oslo for about two days, and I got a chance to visit some really ...