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4 Things to see in Seville Spain

Things to see in Seville

I have heard so much about Seville, Spain from some of my friends a while back.  They told me it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Spain.  Seville is the largest city of the Andalusia Province.  Throughout its history it has been under different rulings.  Until today you can still see ...

Travel Diary: A day in the majestic city of Seville, Spain

Travel to Seville Spain

So, I was told that one of the places to 'must' visit in Spain was Seville.  We took a side day trip to visit this city while staying in Malaga, it's about two hours away but we had to see it since it was highly recommended.  When we arrived I was impressed with the building ...

Today’s photo: Greetings from Seville, Spain!

Seville Spain

What a fascinating city!  Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain.  It has a very well-preserved historical architectures and Moorish urban influences too.  The photo above was taken in Alcazar, a royal palace.  The Alcazar palace is the oldest palace still in use in Europe and it is considered as a World Heritage Site.  ...