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Bratislava – A charming city to visit

Bratislava Slovakia

Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia.  It is a city that borders two countries - Austria and Hungary.  When I was planning the trip to Vienna, I notice that the distance between Vienna and Bratislava was just 50 Km away.  Two capital cities less than an hour apart.  So, I decided to visit this city ...

10 Interesting Facts About Bratislava

Facts about Bratislava

10 Interesting Facts About Bratislava 1. Bratislava is the largest and capital city of Slovakia. 2. Bratislava is only an hour away from another capital city, Vienna. The distance between the two capital cities is approximately 50 Km. 3. A famous landmark in Bratislava is the Most Slovenskeho Narodneho Povstania (Most SNP) or the UFO bridge, a bridge ...

Sanrio in Bratislava

Sanrio Bratislava Slovakia

A trip to Bratislava is not complete without checking any cute stores to visit.  While I was in Vienna, I was looking for Hello Kitty stores around the area, and there were two in Vienna and the other one was in Bratislava (Slovakia).  And since it was only 1 hour drive away, it was worth ...