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The Barbie Cafe in Taiwan

The ever so pink Barbie cafe in Taiwan

On January 31, 2013, the over-the-top pink Barbie cafe in Taipei opened its doors in Taipei, Taiwan.  Taiwan seems to be the home for 'themed-restaurants' around the world, from the cute Hello Kitty cafe to the bizarre toilet cafes.  Apparently, the cafe's decoration cost about $1.7 million USD and it is located at the busiest ...

Barbie Themed Cafe in Taiwan

Barbie Cafe in Taiwan (Source)

Earlier this year, the Barbie cafe in Taipei Taiwan opened its doors to the world.  Now little girls (or even big girls) can now enjoy a fun, pink, frilled cafe that features a top to bottom Barbie design.  Another cute destination to visit for those who love Barbie or cute cafes!  According to Huffingtonpost.com - ...

Hello Kitty Eva Air airplane

Hello Kitty Eva Air airplane

For those of you who love traveling and Hello Kitty, well here's an awesome treat that you will surely love.  It's Eva Air's Hello Kitty theme airplane.  This plane goes to Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Seoul and Sapporo.  Also, this airplane has cute amenities that are Hello Kitty themed. Special thanks to Lichia for ...