The Beautiful Brugges

We visited Brugges earlier this month after we went to Brussels.  Brugge was a city that was very new to me, I have not even heard about it until a friend of ours said that they visited it and said that it was a very beautiful city.  So, we decided to go there and stay for the night.  Brugges is sometimes referred to as ‘the Venice of the North’ quite similar to other canal cities like Amsterdam.

We rode the horse carriage tour which was about 10 euros per person – the driver (?) explained to us the history of the city while we were in the carriage.  The importance of the canal, the nunneries, Market Square, etc.  It was a pleasant experience since I haven’t ridden a carriage in a while – the last one was when I was in the Philippines about 14 years ago.

Above: The Markt (Market Square) – this is where they hold festivities, and this is also where you wait if you want to ride the carriage.

More info and tips:

  • Brugges is famous for their Mussels – we got it on one of the restaurants around the Markt and it was of course delicious.  I enjoy eating Mussels with rice instead of fries – so if you’d like to try that combination, I highly recommend it.
  • Brugge chocolates are also a must have!  We got their chocolate truffles, they cost about 3 euros a small bag (that contains 6 pieces).
  • Like Brussels – they are also famous for Belgian tapestry and laces.



Published 19 September, 2012

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