The free walking tour in Barcelona

At Placa del Rei (King's Square)

At Placa del Rei (King’s Square)

I have always wanted to learn more about the Spanish history and culture (aside from what I have learned in school during my elementary years in the Philippines).  In most of my travels, I check out if there are any walking tours available in the city I’m visiting (the most popular one is the Sandemans New Europe), and fortunately they have it in Barcelona.

The meet up point was near the Jaume I metro station.  There were about 30 people in our group during the tour.  Our guide was Helen, she is originally from Scotland and moved to Barcelona.  I enjoyed listening to her stories as they were quite interesting and funny too.  I’ve learned more about the royal family of Habsburg in this tour more than any where else.

Placa del Rei

Seating at the steps near the Grand Royal Palace

Our first stop was at the Placa del Rei and we went around the city covering important landmarks and people.   Just some of the landmarks we visited:

Front view of the College of Architects in Catalonia

Front view of the College of Architects in Catalonia (friezes by Picasso)

The beautiful Barcelona Cathedral

The beautiful Barcelona Cathedral

Somewhere near the port

Somewhere near the port

Overall, I really enjoyed the free tour and would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Barcelona.  The tour work on a tip only basis, so at the end of the tour, you can tip what you feel like the tour was worth.  From what I have seen tips range anywhere from 5 – 20 euros per person.

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Published 2 August, 2013

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