The world’s biggest cuckoo clock

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This house holds the largest cuckoo clock

This house holds the largest cuckoo clock

While visiting the town Schonach near Triberg, one of the main attractions to see was the world’s biggest cuckoo clock.  The clock looks like a three story house with a huge clock at the front window and a a small door at the third floor, this is where the cuckoo bird comes out every hour on the hour.  The cuckoo bird weighs about 150 kilograms and five meters long.

World's biggest cuckoo clock

World's biggest cuckoo clock

We were quite fortunate that day because the bird came out with only 5 minutes of wait.  The bird was quite big, it looks like it was made from wood with dark brown tones.  The appearance lasted for less than 1 minute.  When you get a chance to go to Triberg, don’t forget to check out this clock.


Published 2 September, 2013

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