Three things to do in Tarifa Spain

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The beautiful Playa de Bolonia

The beautiful Playa de Bolonia

Tarifa is located at the Southern most part of Spain, in the province of Cadiz. This town is only a short distance away from Gibraltar and its a short boat ride to Morocco. The weather in Tarifa is quite mild compare to the other European towns, a perfect place for a relaxing vacation. So, what are the three things to do while in Tarifa?

1. Enjoy the beautiful beach at Playa de Bolonia: This beach has white sand and clear blue water, it is quite a landscape with breath taking views and a place for relaxing. It also has a white sand hills where you can view the beach and take photos. What makes this beach one of a kind is that it is because it is an unspoilt area – not a lot of tourist just plain view sight of a beautiful coastline.

2. Visit the Baelo Claudia ruins: An ancient Roman town in Bolonia next to the beach. This area still holds Roman archaeological sites from the 2nd century BC. A great way to spend your day especially when you visit on a weekday since it wouldn’t be that crowded.

3. Windsurfing: This has got to be one of the most fun things you can do especially for those who love watersports. They offer beginners courses as well so don’t worry if you haven’t had any experiences at all. From what I have read online, windsurfing is one of the most popular things that goes on here in Tarifa because of the constant wind.

Another wonderful country to check out is Cyprus, this country has lots of archaeological wonders as well as beautiful nature trails.  It’s best to rent a car to explore Cyprus, since you can travel at your own time and convenience, might as well consider Car hire in Cyprus. And since Cyprus is near the Mediterranean sea, the weather is quite mild and warm compared to the upper countries in Europe.


Published 28 March, 2013

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