Ting – a cute shop in Norway

Ting Shop in Norway

Ting is a store in Norway that sells cute items for your kitchen, bed room, and it is also a gift shop.  They carry many brands and character items too (like Moomin and Sonny Angel).  SMA Ting and Ting are from the same company, their stores have a particular artsy and unique appeal.

The first Ting I visited was in Bergen.  And when I visited Oslo, I saw another Ting shop, and I went to visit it as well.  When I got there I asked one of the shop staffs if I can take photos inside and she said it was OK.

What I like about Ting is that the items in store are very unique and artsy.  I saw an entire shelf with so many Moomin products, it was cuteness overload.

When you go to Norway, don’t forget to check out Ting!

Ting Norway

Ting Norway

More info:

– Website:  http://www.ting.no/

– Location:  Akersgata 18, 0158 Oslo

Published 28 July, 2014

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