Top 5 Best Russian Souvenirs and Gifts

Best Russian Souvenirs Gifts

Have you ever been to Russia?  Russia has a rich cultural heritage and ancient cities that makes it a popular destination among tourists.  It also has a wide variety of traditional souvenirs that are fascinating and stunning, definitely worth collecting.  So, what are the best buys for souvenirs and gifts from Russia?  Check out our Top 5 list.

The Top 5 Best Russian Souvenirs and Gifts:

1.  Matryoshka dolls – Also known as the Russian dolls and Nesting dolls.  When you think of items from Russia most likely these are the first things that come to your mind.  Matryoshka dolls have been around for more than a hundred years.  And each Matryoshka have a special art painting depicting traditions and lifestyles.

Best Russian Souvenirs and Gifts

2. Imperial Porcelain – The Imperial Porcelain is a porcelain manufacturer that was founded in 1744 by Empress Elizabeth I.  They produce different products such as vases, plates, tea sets, etc. If you want something exquisite and fancy for your home, then this is the one.

Best Russian Souvenirs and Gifts

3. Russian shawls – Shawls made in Russia specifically from Pavlovo Posad are considered the best among others.  These shawls are 100% handmade and each piece is a work of art.  A must have for those who love fashion and art.

Best Russian Souvenirs and Gifts

4.  Decorative Jewelry Eggs – These classical jewelry eggs are also popular souvenirs.   Each egg has a very royal design adorned in fancy gems and gold plated pewter.  Designs vary as well, there are some that can be opened in half and others have special item inside.

Best Russian Souvenirs Gifts

5.  Cathedral Musical Box – A very unique and original souvenir.  This item may not be quite traditional however, it is in deed an interesting piece to own.  The cathedral musical box features a famous Russian melody and hand painted design which creates a lively item.


Best Russian Souvenirs Gifts



Do you have any souvenir from Russia?  Share your story with us.

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Published 19 December, 2013

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