Top Four Beautiful Hotels in London

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The beautiful London Eye

The city of London has been one of the most visited places in the world.  A place for fashion, entertainment, arts, tourism and development, this city is quite known for its prominence.  There are tons of beautiful hotels around the city but here are the top four beautiful hotels in London.

The Top 4 Beautiful Hotels in London:


1.  Corinthia Hotel London – This hotel is situated near the famous Trafalgar Square and dates back to the Empire days of Queen Victoria in the 1800’s.  The hotel has a cutting edge design with natural light and high ceilings.  It has 294 beautiful rooms and suites and has a luxurious feel that every one would adore.


2.  The Ritz London – For more than a century, Ritz has been one of the best hotels recognized and this location in London has been here since 1906.   They are quite famous not only as a hotel but also for their afternoon teas, their teas cost 45 GBP per person and it includes a traditional afternoon tea at the Palm Court.


3.  Hotel 41 – A one of a kind boutique hotel that has a traditional London club feel.  This hotel is in the heart of London just behind the Buckingham Palace (what a great location).  It has also been named as TripAdvisor’s Choice Award for 2012.


4.  The Ampersand Hotel – A very unique yet iconic hotel that has a very different theme which includes – botany, music, geometry ornithology and astronomy.  This hotel also offers a classic afternoon tea which includes scones and sweets.


We hoped you have enjoyed the list.  Have you been to London?  Which hotel have you stayed?  Let us know.

Published 5 March, 2013

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