Travel Highlights from Versailles France

Travel Highlights Versailles France

Versailles is a city in France that you may heard of because of it’s famous Chateau and gardens, both of these are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  I have been wanting to visit Versailles ever since I was in high school (which was years ago), I wanted to see the grand and luxurious palace.  And also have a glimpse into the lavish life of Marie Antoinette.

This past summer, I got to visit Versailles – the Palace, the Garden, the Grand Trianon, and Marie Antoinette’s Estate.  I was there for 2 days, 1 night and I think it was too short to see everything, maybe 3 days would have been sufficient.

Also, during my visit I was fortunate to be able to see the Fountain Night Show.  This happens every Saturday and Sunday around April – October.

Check out my travel highlights:

Where to Stay?

I highly recommend staying at the Trianon Palace Versailles – Waldorf Astoria Hotel.  This hotel is in the palace grounds, very upscale and the service is excellent.  Also, it’s walking distance to the Palace of Versailles, Gardens, Grand Trianon and Marie Antoinette Estate.  This hotel is quite pricey, hence the one night stay only.  But the location and services are definitely top notch.

Trianon Palace Versailles hotel

What to see and do?

1.  Grand Trianon

The Grand Trianon is a palace that has a pink marble design with beautiful gardens.  It was built by  Jules Hardouin in 1687.

Grand Trianon

Grand Trianon

2.  Marie Antoinette’s Estate

The Estate consists of the Petit Trianon, Queen’s Gardens, the Hamlet and the Estate, it’s a very simple, rural, and quaint place to visit.

Marie Antoinette's Estate

Marie Antoinette's Estate

Marie Antoinette's Estate

Marie Antoinette's Estate

3.  The Garden

The Garden in Versailles is definitely one of the largest and most beautiful greenery, everything is detailed and manicured.  This is where you can find sculptures as well as fountains.  This is also where they hold the Fountain Night Show.

Versailles Garden

4.  The Palace

For over 30 years, the Palace of Versailles has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage.  It is definitely a must visit.  However, the lines are so long – it took about 2 hours before I got into the Palace.  The only section I wanted to see was the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ – this is where you can find glitzy chandeliers and beautiful ceiling paintings.

The Versailles Palace

The Versailles Palace

More info:


Reviews:  TripAdvisor Versailles Review

Location:  Place d’Armes, 78000 Versailles, France

Published 17 September, 2014

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2 thoughts on “Travel Highlights from Versailles France

  1. Roshan

    I LOVED the garden’s in Versailles too! I only had half an hour there and wish I spent less time in the palace so I could have had more time there. Wish I saw the fountains when they were on too.

    1. Jam icoSnap Post author

      Definitely, the gardens in Versailles are so beautiful. I also enjoyed it more than visiting the actual palace. Thanks for visiting!


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