Travel tip: finding the best way to travel in Europe

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Best way to travel in Europe

So, you’re ready to travel and go to Europe.  But, how do you find the cheapest and most efficient way to go around Europe?

Well, no need to worry GoEuro has an optimized way to travel without going through all the hassle of booking all over the internet.  This website compares and combines all travel searches for air, rail, bus, and car rentals.  It also lets you search from any location showing the best possible combinations and options based on price and travel time.

At the moment, this website is in its Beta mode however, it is still a powerful search tool to use for searching transportation options around Europe especially in the UK and Germany.  It is quite a handy website you can use when you plan your upcoming trips.  It’s a very user-friendly site that helps travelers save tons of research time finding the best ways to go around.

Heidelberg Castle, Germany

Heidelberg, Germany

What makes this website special than all other travel search engines?

In a short and sweet statement: It shows transportation options in every possible way.  Let’s say you want to go from Frankfurt, Germany to Prague, Czech Republic.  When you type in the cities (or towns) and click search it will show different types of transportation modes, the total price and total travel time.  You can also change the travel search either by cheapest or fastest.

It is truly a revolutionary travel search engine to watch out for.  Go and see for yourself at:

This post was made possible by GoEuro – an awesome and innovative way to find cheap ways to travel.

Published 26 September, 2013

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