Travel Tips: Foods to try in Tangier, Morocco

Foods to try in Tangier Morocco

Moroccan dishes are colorful, tasty and refined.  It’s cuisine goes way back in history; influences from Moorish, Berber, Arab, and Mediterranean.  There are so many spices that are mainly used in different Moroccan foods such as ginger, sesame seeds, saffron, cumin, pepper, and cinnamon.

Fortunately, during my tour in Tangier, our guide took us to food shops to try out different local foods.  Check out these foods to try in Tangier, Morocco:


Different types of olives – green, black, red, etc. All fresh and made locally.

Foods to try in Tangier Morocco



Similar to a chicken pie but with a much flaky crust.  The pastry is topped with cinnamon and sugar.  Very unique flavor of chicken pastry with sweet toppings.

Foods to try in Tangier Morocco

Chicken Bastilla-Pastilla


A popular Moroccan dish that’s slow cooked over low heat.  The soup has a sour flavor from the lemon, olive and ginger and subtle chicken flavor from the meat.

Chicken Tangine

Chicken Tangine


A sweet pastry filled with chopped nuts and topped with honey or syrup.

Foods to try in Tangier Morocco


The next food is for those who are more adventurous…


Camel cheese has a very unique flavor and texture.  It’s saltier and thicker compared to regular cheeses.  When I tried this cheese it was served with a slice of wheat bread.

Foods to try in Tangier Morocco

Camel Cheese

Have you tried Moroccan food before?  Share your comments below.


Published 7 March, 2014

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