A visit to the 6%DOKIDOKI store in Harajuku

6%DOKIDOKI Harajuku

6%DOKIDOKI is a cute, colorful and unique store located in Harajuku.  The theme of this store is ‘sensational kawaii style’, its brand represents a very vivid and pop design that’s totally cute.  The brand 6%DOKIDOKI was created by Sebastian Masuda, as an artistic expression in Harajuku.  6%DOKIDOKI is one of the founders of the Kawaii culture in Japan and the rest of the world.

I have been to Tokyo about four times, and on my recent trip I finally decided to visit the 6%DOKIDOKI store.  The store is located near the Harajuku/Omotesando neighborhood, the shop building has a pink color, and the store is at the second floor.

Unfortunately, taking photos inside the store is not allowed but I got a chance to take a photo with one of their staffs outside the store.  She was very friendly and was wearing a very kawaii 6%DOKIDOKI outfit.  The shop looks like a colorful modern contemporary art exhibition.  You can find lots of cute items, artworks and colorful decorations.  I think the store changes its decorations every now and then, on this visit I saw a huge white rat figurine (totally unique and weirdly cute).

6%DOKIDOKI Harajuku

6%DOKIDOKI Harajuku

6%DOKIDOKI poster (store interior design)

6%DOKIDOKI poster (store interior design)


6%DOKIDOKI is a must visit for those who love Japanese fashion, or contemporary art.  It’s colorful, unique and cute.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  I also got a cute little star hair clip ($4.00).  They also sell other accessories, clothing, etc.  The items are usually one of a kind so they are kind of pricey.  Check it out on your next visit to Tokyo!

6%DOKIDOKI Harajuku

6%DOKIDOKI Harajuku

More info:

– Website:  http://www.dokidoki6.com/

– Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/6doki.fan

– Hours: Daily 12:00 – 20:00

How to get there: From the La Foret Building, go across the street, there’s a small neighborhood around this area.  The 6%DOKIDOKI is located at the second floor of the pink building.

– Location:  TX101 Building 2F 4-28-16 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 150-0001

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Published 5 December, 2014

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