Visiting Cologne (Köln) and the shopping street Hohe Straße

Before we head out to the central plaza in Cologne, Aiko showed this painting of the cathedral.  She’s ready to visit another city and see what’s going on.

This is the Cologne Cathedral located at the main plaza.  This cathedral was built in 1248 and it is the largest Gothic church in Europe.  We went inside this church 3 months ago, and the interior has stained glass that are 20 meters tall and there were a lot of visitors from all over the world visiting this cathedral.

Right across from the cathedral is the Louis Vuitton shop, they also had other high end stores next to the cathedral.

Latest design from Louis Vuitton, collaboration with Yayoi Kusama (princess of polka-dots).  If you want to learn more, I suggest you visit the Louis Vuitton website (here).

Here’s a cute little shop that we passed by at the Hohe Strasse (sorry don’t remember the name of the shop).  This shop sells home goods but they are cutely decorated.  One of the cute things I found was a kitchen timer but it was designed in a shape of an egg and the toaster with retro polka-dots.

This shop has really cute women’s apparel – Tally Weijl.  This company is actually from Switzerland, and their design studio is in Paris, so if you want young women European fashion, this is the place.  I’ve been here several times and got summer tops, they are pretty reasonably priced (around 9-15 euros).  Check out their website (here).

One of the street shops of Cologne – this is where Tally Weijl is located and some other shops.  Cologne is a very busy city – lots of shops, cafes and people.  It kind of reminded me of Myungdong in a European way.  However, like everywhere else in Germany shops close at 7:00 p.m.  and on Sundays.

Published 20 August, 2012

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