Weekend trip in Amsterdam

Beautiful Canal in Amsterdam

One of my trips in October was in Amsterdam – we went to visit this beautiful city.  When I was younger, I have heard so much about this city, how it was very infamous (famous too) for its red light districts and coffee shops.  However, here’s another angle of the city which I loved – the beautiful canal scenery.

Instead of driving to the central city, we took a P&R (park and ride) at the Bos en Lommer (more info: http://www.amsterdam.info/parking/park-ride/).  The central city is very packed with cars, bicycles (I’ve never seen so much in my life) and construction so, its better to just park and take the bus to the central city.

So many bicycles in Amsterdam – they have their own lanes too.

A very interesting cartoon banner caught my attention – from a magazine stand

A great way to end the day, a caramel vanilla ice cream from Monte Pelmo!

More info:

  • Need more info about Amsterdam visit: http://www.amsterdam.info
  • Note: If you want to visit the Red Light District at night, don’t stay out too late.  While the place is a tourist attraction, there are shady people.   
  • Watch out for bicycles, there are tons of them around the city.
Published 24 October, 2012

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