Winter tour in Grindelwald Switzerland

Behind me is the Eiger North wall Mountain

Earlier this year in January, one of the places I visited was Grindelwald, Switzerland.  I would say that it’s quite an experience since I’m typically the tropical person, I’m not really fond of being cold.  However, I really wanted to see Switzerland’s mountains especially during the winter, and I did not regret going their because the mountains were just so grand and beautiful.

So, what things to do?  Lots of Europeans visit Switzerland for skiing and snowboarding, but I’m not really good in either one so sledding is also an option.

The beautiful Eiger mountain

This is were I stayed at the Hotel Tschuggen Garni – a bed and breakfast (I love this place) website:

Inside Tschuggen Garni hotel during breakfast

Main street with shops and its about a 5 minute walk to get into the lift to the mountains.



Published 7 November, 2012

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4 thoughts on “Winter tour in Grindelwald Switzerland

    1. admin Post author

      Definitely Switzerland is very beautiful for the winter, its just hard to get there by car since you will need snow tires. But the view is spectacular.

  1. Adam

    I had no idea sledding was a legitimate option for things to do in Switzerland! I’m not that into skiing or snowboarding either but I do love winter settings on occasion—they make the perfect backdrop for just staying in and enjoying hot chocolate!

    Will have to look into visiting Grindelwald this winter.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi! Hahaha, its legit to sled in the swiss alps. It was much more fun rather than just hiking. Thanks for the comment.


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